The Crazy Amount Of Money Matt Damon Missed By Passing On Avatar

Did you realize Matt Damon was in the hurrying to be a Na’vi for 2009’s blockbuster raving success Symbol? At the time, the entertainer was completing off his Bourne set of three with The Bourne Final proposal when James Cameron moved toward him. In any case, Damon had to go because of booking clashes clearing a path for Sam Worthington to get his enormous break as Jake Sully. In the event that The Martian entertainer had the option to star in Symbol, his income would have been galactic. In Damon’s words:

Matt Damon was offered 10% of Symbol’s benefits, as GQ explains, following his disclosure. Presently, considering the motion picture proceeded to make a stunning over $2.78 billion around the world, his check for the job would have been a fourth of a million. Believe it or not, $250 million. It would have most likely stamped record profit for an entertainer. Like, any on-screen character ever… ever.

We’ve heard before about entertainers accepting back-end checks dependent in movie form profit. Robert Downey Jr., for instance, got a cut of the benefits for the Iron Man and Justice fighters films. The Tony Obvious entertainer supposedly was paid $50 million after 2012’s The Justice fighters. Different on-screen characters, including Tom Hanks and Tom Journey, likewise profited by back-end bargains. Notwithstanding, none appear to contrast with Matt Damon’s idea from James Cameron. Matt Damon said he once told John Krasinski of the passed up a great opportunity millions while they were composing 2012’s Guaranteed Land together. This is what he stated:

However, hello, with that record, you can’t consider Matt Damon a sellout! John Krasinski made an extraordinary point to Damon. His life wouldn’t have been altogether changed in the event that he’d featured in Symbol. At that point, he’d just turned into a commonly recognized name and would proceed to star in tons other prominent jobs, including additionally composing and creating ventures. He included: “My children are for the most part eating. I’m doing alright.”

Additionally, as James Cameron suspected, Symbol didn’t require a major name so as to be fruitful. It proceeded to turn into the most noteworthy netting motion picture ever – that is until Vindicators: Endgame deposed it over summer. Jake Gyllenhaal was likewise supposedly up for a similar job. In any case, Matt Damon appeared to be the one in particular who was offered the especially sweet arrangement, thinking about his star status.

Four more Symbol motion pictures are in progress, with the subsequent portion going ahead December 17, 2021. Symbol 3 through 5 come in December 2023, 2025 and 2027. Matt Damon stars close by Christian Bunch next in Passage v. Ferrari, hitting theaters on November 15.

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